Breath comes naturally to most of us.  It is part of the rhythm that underscores our existence.  As our hearts beat a steady cadence while pumping life-containing blood through our veins, our lungs join in their own cadence.  In, out, in, out.  The music of our existence is always present, but rarely noticed.  Of course, we can hold our breath until our lungs feel like they are on fire and our temples throb, but every ounce of our being continues to scream out “Breath”!

There is a spiritual analogy to breathing as well.  The Spirit of God (Ruach in Hebrew, and Pneuma in Greek) has the triple meaning of wind, spirit, and breath.  As believers we are to be filled with the Spirit of God, we are to keep in Step with the spirit of God, and as we do so, our lives will produce fruit that the Spirit of God brings. In some ways, the Spirit of God is like the breath that God intends us to fill our spiritual lungs with.  Can we hold our spiritual breath?

So why am I going on about breath today?  As I already stated, breath is one of those things that you take for granted unless you don’t have it.  And today, I am lacking.  The head cold that I had has now settled in my chest.  The things that I used to do even a few days ago are beyond my physical ability – I find myself panting and exhausted.  Fortunately, with prayer, rest and medication, I expect my lungs to clear soon.  but the experience also has me thinking about the spiritual analogy.

Going into camp 2, none of us can afford to be lacking in the power that the life-giving Spirit of God brings.  Please pray for us as we go through training again tomorrow and prepare to meet leaders from the second church.