(written by Jenn Carson)

“In his masters step he trod,
Where the snow lay dinted,
Heat was in the very sod,
Which the Saint had printed,
Therefore, Christian men, be sure,
Wealth or rank possessing
Ye, who now will bless the poor
Shall yourselves find blessing.” 
-Good King Wenceslas

Ever since I was a little girl, my father‘s favorite Christmas Carol has been “Good King Wenceslas“. King Wenceslas was considered one of the first Kings of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). As I heard the music to the song and listen to the lyrics over the years, God used it to impress upon my heart a deep love for the Czech people. I got a chance to go for a brief visit to Czechoslovakia (as it was called at that time) in college and my love grew more and more. 

The Czech people are in many ways a very stark contrast to the Ethiopians, who are usually the ones God has placed in my heart and in my prayers throughout my life (I was born in Ethiopia and my parents were missionaries there). There is a contrast on so many levels, and yet they are from the same God and have the same need to know Him and to know His love for them that He would lay down His life so they may be set free! 

As God continues to work in my heart, I have had the privilege of getting to know Josh Dietz, and saw his heart for God and for the Czech people. And then Aidan got a chance to go Czech and then Andrew as well. Wow!! God you are moving mightily!! 

Upon hearing their stories, and hearing the hearts of the Sandy family and all of those in our church family who God has prepared in advance for this work, I  longed to go and meet, and minister alongside these faithful brothers and sisters in Christ and see the work God is going through them, and Josiah venture among the students in Czech. 

I’m humbled at the chance to go, and as I set my heart on this trip, it’s a challenging lesson in discipline and daily (sometimes hour by hour) setting aside the things of this world. My job and my life’s work as a nurse, and as a nurse leader can be all-encompassing at times. So I must continually set aside my concerns and focus on the Lord and not allow those things to become an idol.

As the time draws near to be ready to go, there is a sense of peace that only comes through prayer. I am very grateful for those that are praying as we get ready to go. There is much to learn and I am ready to listen. Quietness and stillness are not often a part of my life, but God continues to show me how He can use that mightily as He prepares my heart to be ready to go.

Prayer and Praises

  • Health for the team as we prepare for this trip.
  • Wisdom as we coordinate the final details with the Czech team.
  • Packing creativity – we have about 4 extra bags of equipment that needs to be consolidated as much as possible.
  • Praise for the Czech response.  We have already met our target for camp attendance.  However, there is room for 8 more students.  Pray that God would encourage 8 more to come for a completely full camp!
  • Praise for God’s provision!  Support goals have been met and supply purchasing has is complete.