Our check lists are getting shorter and at this time tomorrow we will be boarding an aircraft.  Later today will be filled with a sendoff from church, a flurry of final packing, and (hopefully) getting to bed early.  We leave tomorrow at 4:00am.  Months of preparation have led to this moment, and all of us are feeling the excitement in our own ways.  For now, though, the house is quiet.  In the hall, the gentle ticking of the wall clock is the only reminder that the frantic energy of our last day is approaching.

I am thankful to be returning to Czechia to continue sharing God’s love with the students and leaders alike.  It will be a busy time full of planes, trains, laughter, and craziness.  For now, I will just enjoy the calm before the storm.

Thank you for for joining us on this mission by following along on the blog.  We would appreciate your prayers for safe travels as we leave for Czechia tomorrow.