I have always thought that air travel is moments of excitement followed by hours of monotony.  International travel, doubly so.  I have developed my own routine from years of business trips.  I find a place to sit away from most of the bustling crowds and try to occupy myself through the hours of waiting.  Usually this meant reading the Bible, praying, working on whatever presentations I was going to deliver, and trying not to think too much about being far from the people I loved.  I sat alone, safely enfolded in my bubble of solitude while the rest of the world hurried by.

Traveling with family is so much better.  In a sense, we still are traveling in our own little bubble, but it is one full of love, hugs and shared excitement of the mission we have undertaken.

Today we have a long layover in Salt Lake City before heading to Paris (then on to Prague).  David found us a great room full of over 100 seats that are virtually unoccupied.   Instrumental Christmas music streams overhead and we have stretched out to pass the long hours before boarding our next plane.  The kids are finding their own ways to pass the time: David and Caleb, by playing video games, Leah and Noah by coloring, and the others, mostly sleeping.

As for me, I have exchanged a few e-mails and direct messages with our friends in Prague to finalize details for the week, and of course I wrote this blog too.  Chris is demonstrating her super-mom skills by helping manage medication schedules and encouraging our kids while at the same time sharing puzzles and games with anyone who is interested.

Tomorrow morning we will arrive in Prague.  Before then, we wait, board planes, and wait again.

Thank you for joining us on our adventures.  We are thankful for you and your prayers.