(Written by: Doug Sandy)

Today started out with excitement: the adrenaline of alarms going off, last minute packing, and a short drive to the church.  The entire team gathered in the parking lot for prayer and last farewells followed by a ride to the airport in the big white (and rusty) Sandy van.

Now the trip has settled into the quiet monotony of air travel.  I am sitting in the middle seat with Carson to my right.  Sarah, on my left is trying to sleep with her head resting against the wall.  The open window in front of her shows a clear sky with Chicago fading into the distance.  The drone of the engines and light jostling of the plane are our constant companions on this part of our journey.

As we look forward to a flight change in New York and eventual landing in Prague tomorrow, we have already been encouraged by the encounters that God has provided.  As it turns out, wearing matching red shirts with Bible verses on them makes you stand out a bit in a crowd.  Many people have initiated conversations with us, curious about our mission. Perhaps the most interesting was a visit and blessing from the kitchen manager as we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Jesus is amazing – people need to know.  Whether in Czechia, Chandler, or wherever we are.  If it takes a red shirt to start a conversation, so be it.