(Written by: Carson Slater on 8/4/2022)

It is hard to believe that tonight is my last night in Malenovice. Today was the last full day of camp, featuring our last English classes, workshops, and evening session.

As I suspected, this camp experience has flown by and has been a whirlwind. I must say that while staffing any summer camp is difficult, staffing a summer camp with a language barrier is far more taxing. On the other hand, it is hard to think about this when you can see the joy of the students when they talk about camp highlights during our last roundtable discussion group.

Tonight was the night God decided to show me some of the fruit of our labor. The once shy group came alive in sharing their camp experiences. It was such a refreshing experience after investing  into these students. It made me wonder about other ways God was moving in the lives of these students, and even in my life that I cannot yet see.

After the evening session, the night was still young. Students and staffers alike were able to partake in a talent show, followed by hours of fireside chats and writing farewell notes. Camp was amazing and I cannot wait to debrief and process.

In the meantime, we have home stays starting tomorrow!

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