Today ends our time at English Camp.  It has been a productive time for ministry, and a challenging time for us as we learned to rely on God in ways that never would have happened at home.

Our time this morning will be spent packing up and cleaning.  After that we will have a brief time getting acquainted with our temporary accommodation for the night.  For some of us, this means homestays, for others, a hotel.  After that there will be follow-up activities designed to incorporate the new campers into the youth group.

The most exciting follow-up activity from my perspective is recording of the 50th episode of Americans Cook Czech (our Czech Cooking YouTube Channel).  We will have guest cooks from among our many friends here, and everyone will be able to appear on the video of they want.

The final days in the Czech Republic are always hard on me.  Our goal was to connect deeply into the lives of the Czech youth that we met so that we could also point them to Jesus.  These are not superficial relationships.  For many of them, they are deep bonds.  Now is a time of letting go.  It is a time of farewells. We are excited about what God has done, but it is with a sense of loss, that we prepare to travel home. Such is the feeling of a successful mission trip.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please pray for the team as we transition out of Camp life and move toward the next phase of our travels.