(Written by Doug Sandy on 8/7)

Yesterday burst with a variety of activities.  We started the day with an amazing Czech breakfast that featured a selection of meats and cheeses as well as fresh vegetables from our hosts garden.  Next we met at a coffee shop in town for a tour of both the Polish and Czech parts of the city.  The rest of the day was filled with youth group activities that included bubble soccer (football), fellowship, food, and more fellowship.  We used this time to continue building friendships and further the spiritual discussions that we had begun with the Czech students.

During all the festivities, Betsy and I broke away to visit the spot where Czechia, Slovakia and Poland all meet – sort of like our four corners, but with different countries.

Today we will attend a worship service at our host Church then say our farewells.  I’m not looking forward to saying goodby – we have made such good friends that I know it will be hard.

Doug at “three corners”