(Written by Aidan Carson on 8/7)

Words can’t really put into focus the array of emotions going around the team right now. I would say most of us are tired from the week, sad to say goodbye to so many good friends, joy to see the Lord’s faithfulness at the end of a beautiful week, and excitement for what the next chapter will bring with the new relationships we formed.

Today we went to church in Czesky Tesin and it was so wonderful to see the body of Christ living and active on the other side of the globe. Some families of camp students came to church for the first time, and with their attendance camp an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. Pray for the seeds planted today!

After a great final lunch with the Czech students we were off to the train station to head for Prague. It was such a bitter sweet moment. Truly we are not made to say goodbye, yet the difficulty of the day reflects just how special these friendships are (makes me think of 1 John 4:12).

As we close out this trip, pray that our hearts find rest in the Lord for any weariness that may remain—that we continue to look to Jesus for strength. Just as important, continue to pray for these students! Even though we are now away from them, the Holy Spirit has never stopped working!