(Written by: Aidan Carson)

Annnndddddd touchdown!!! Ladies & gentlemen, we are here! Thanks so much for praying! All bags & people arrived safely, and we met up with the combined two groups that will be here in Prague for the next couple days prepping for camp! Praise God for providing for the countless travel details. Currently we are riding from the airport to the hotel we will be staying at until Friday. There are two camp groups getting trained this week, our group (composed of us and the Nevada team) will be going out southeast to Český Těšín with another camp group is running camp north of Prague with a team from Wisconsin! As we ride, I can’t help but rejoice in the simple unity that is brought within the body of Christ. Though we just met many of the people we will be working with, it can seem like we have known each other for years simply because we share the freedom and hope only found in Jesus! As we move into prep and logistics, pray for diligence and a clear focus for our group to work with joy for the Lord!

(FBC team members shortly after arriving at the hotel in Prague)