(Written by Doug Sandy)

When I first woke, my phone clock silently announced 1:45am from its faint, bleary screen. There were only faint stirrings from David and Caleb from the other beds. For a moment, I envied their ability to capture the slumber that was eluding me. After realizing that further slumber was not in store for me, I prayed for each member of the extended mission team then rose to greet the day. Jet lag is a funny thing. God must want me awake now. This is another day that He has made, and I greet it enthusiastically. Let me take a moment to bring you up to speed since our last post.

After checking into the hotel yesterday, the Josiah Venture team took us on a walking tour of the castle district of Prague. The castle, which is still in use today, consists of government buildings, gardens, courtyards, and a massive neo-gothic cathedral. Following the castle, we walked across the Vltava River on the famous Charles Bridge and ate at a nice Czech restaurant.

Dinner held a special surprise as we were met by Josh & Anežka Dietz – good friends and JV missionaries supported by FBC. It was fun meeting them on their “home turf.”

After dinner some of us went to have ice cream/gelato/sorbet at a nearby shop while others returned to the hotel for an earlier night of sleep. Either way, I think lights out for most of us was well before 9:00pm.

No doubt today has its store of challenges and blessings ahead of us. I expect that most of the team will be persevering through jet lag in their own way. Even so, we look forward to receiving training from JV to prepare us for the upcoming days of camp. It’s now 4:20am and I plan on reviewing gospel presentations for the camp before breakfast at 6:30.

Thank you for following along with us. We appreciate your prayers!

(Sarah with view of Prague as seen from Prague Castle)