Today was a wonderful day of visiting with fellow believers in Prague.

After a nice breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we donned our winter gear and headed to the new flat of Josh and Anežka Dietz to bring some Christmas cheer and deliver a care package from home.  Carrying our load of three large grocery bags, we set out through the icy air toward the nearest metro station.  The excitement of the crunching snow underfoot helped to fend off the traces of jetlag still clinging to us.

We boarded a metro at our relatively quiet station, but as we got closer to the city center, the car got more and more full, but never uncomfortably so.  Czech advertisements decorated the inside of the car and the PA system kept announcing incomprehensible destinations (to the English-trained ear). The youngest kids (or just me) drank in the strangeness of it all: we were definitely not at home anymore.  I don’t think I have mentioned how much I appreciate the Prague public transportation, but that will need to be a story for another time.  Josh met us at the station shortly after we disembarked from our train, and we took a short bus ride to his flat.

Our time with the Dietzs went all too quickly.  Anežka had baked two different types of Czech cookies for us to sample (rohlíčky and cukroví) – both were amazing.  We spent the time catching up, sharing stories, eating pizza and playing board games.  Following a short prayer, Josh escorted us back to the metro station and we parted ways.

Next, we met Ondra Reis, a friend from English Camp who helped with music.  Ondra, who drives trains for a living, lives in Prague and graciously volunteered be our guide for the day.  It was an almost magical afternoon as we toured the old city, national street, and saw a couple of the famous Christmas markets.  A light but constant snow added to the festive atmosphere.  Thanks Ondra!

When Ondra left us for work, we continued our walk through Prague.  Following a brief stop at a bakery to warm up and get something to drink, we crossed the Charles Bridge (now also covered with snow) before heading to dinner with Viet Do Pham, the director of English Camps at the church we are partnering with.

It was wonderful to be reunited with Viet and share a meal together.  The food was great, and the conversation was light – we will share a train ride together tomorrow where many of the last details of the camp will be ironed out, but tonight was more about reconnecting on a personal level and meeting the family.  I am truly thankful to be serving with such amazing people here in Czechia.

That’s all for now as I need to head to bed.  Tomorrow will be another busy day filled with travel, homestays, cooking, and final preparations for phase two of this trip – English Camp.

Thank you for following along with us.  Your prayers and support make a huge difference. Until next time, to God be the glory!