Reunions are always amazing.  When you first see ones that you care about, your heart leaps, and joy overwhelms you.  This has been my experience over the past several days – first with Josh and Anežka, then with Viet and Ondra, and yesterday, with many others that we met over the summer at English camp.

Yesterday, we had a leisurely breakfast, then took the metro system to the Prague main train station.  Fresh snow covered the ground, and I was thankful that most of our trip was protected from the elements.  One thing to note for future trips: roller bags don’t work as well on the white powdery stuff.

Once at the train station, we met Viet, who joined us for the 4 ½ hour train ride to Český Těšín.  We (and our luggage) occupied two complete train cabins, giving us some degree of privacy and the ability to stretch out and get comfortable.  Slightly after noon, the train pulled out.  Gradually the city sights gave way to gently rolling, snow-covered, rural terrain that was as picturesque as any postcard you might hope to see.

Once we reached our destination, we were greeted by the families who graciously volunteered to welcome us into their homes.  There were hugs and handshakes and warm smiles as we said our hellos and split into smaller groups for lodging.

Chris, Noah, Leah and I are staying at the home of Radek and Dorka and their parents – good friends that I had the opportunity to say with in August.  It is wonderful to see them again and I am so thankful to spend the extra time at their home.

Last night Radek, Leah and I made cookies for decorating at the camp, and this morning Radek and I went to three grocery stores to buy supplies for the camp.  I need to cut this blog short because we need to leave for the church in less than 30 minutes, and I have my share of packing still to do.

I can’t wait meet the students later today.  I want to hear how God has been working in their lives since last we parted.   More than that though, I want my family to be an encouragement and blessing to them as we all share the joy of being reunited.

Please note that there will be no blog tomorrow because the camp has no WiFi access.  Thank you for following along and praying with us.  We will have lots to report next time we are connected.