Today we said farewell to the Josiah venture leadership and the other camp teams that we trained with.   After lunch we expected to be joined by all the team members from our host church.  In the meantime, however, we worked together with our fellow teammates from Nevada to organize and sort through the supplies and equipment that we brought and prepare our flip charts for English lessons.

During some of our down time, we were able to film a short episode for the “Americans Cook Czech” YouTube channel.  I won’t have time to post it until we get home.  It features one of our Czech translators introducing us to a Czech frozen treat.

Once our Czech friends arrived, there was a fantastic reunion with many hugs and lots of pizza.  We spent the afternoon and early evening working together to prepare for the arrival of the students tomorrow.

After dinner we had a time of worship together along with a message from the pastor of our host church.  He is a wonderful, godly man, who I have grown to admire since I first met him almost a year ago.  Following the message, we broke into teams and prayed for each other, the kids, and the camp logistics.

We are all looking forward to meeting the students tomorrow.  Please pray for us as we begin camp in a little more than 12 hours.