(Written by Carson Slater)


Today was a huge day! After beginning the day with an FBC team check-in for breakfast. We resumed yesterday’s training, going over how to lead discussion groups, build into discipleship relationships well, and follow and enforce the rules at camp.

Today has been such a powerful testimony of the movement of God among Czech youth. I had the amazing opportunity to hear the story of a 17 year old Czech student over lunch who is zealous for Christ and anticipating the day when he is able to see others in his community and town come to know, love and follow Jesus.

The evening saw some quality time spent with Josh and Anežka Dietz, where we caught up, talked mission work, and had some good laughs. Following dinner, we worshipped together for the last time in Prague and took communion before praying for the week ahead of us.

We are headed to Malenovice tomorrow, so please pray for safe, smooth train travels. We also would love prayer for the Lord to prepare our hearts as we take part in His work. All glory to Him!

Thanks again to everyone who is following, praying, and supporting us! You are just as much a part of this as we are!