Today we completed our first fill day of English Camp.  We started with devotions, breakfast and English or sports lessons.  This was followed by lunch, workshops, dinner, and an after-dinner program.  Everything is going smoothly with camp, but there are a few things that are worthy of special note.

To begin with, the first round of workshops went off without a hitch.  David ran a popsicle stick bridge building contest.  Carolyn introduced students to a bunch of fun, interactive games, Pastor Andrew conducted a drawing class, and Caleb, Carson and Betsy ran a fitness workshop.  Students were given a choice of which workshops they wanted to visit.  All were well attended.  Great job team, and praise God for the interactions they provided with students.

Second, we had an injury today.  Levi, who was attending the fitness workshop, injured his foot (does anyone else see the irony in this?)  We don’t really know what happened, but the top of his foot is extremely swollen and bruised.  Even though it is not causing him a lot of pain, it looks horrible.  We had the injury looked at by the camp medic and it has been wrapped and iced.  We are praying that Levi makes a speedy recovery.

The evening program consisted of more singing, dancing, and the second part of the presentation of the gospel.  Tonight’s message focused on rules and authority.   What makes a good rule?  Why do we have rules?  Who has the authority to make rules?  The presentation led to lively discussion in our break-out groups.

The last part of our evening time together pitted contestants from each English class/sports cohort in a series of competitions to win points toward a grand prize.  Some of the contests were games of skill, such as catching jellybeans in your mouth, or balancing with an egg between two people.  Some were feats of strength, such as seeing how far you could make a tube of toothpaste squirt by smashing it with your hand.  The last type of events were feats of resolve.  This leads me to my closing thought.

As Pastor Andrew and I found out, sometimes you need to eat a few worms to spread the gospel.

Thanks for joining us in the adventure.  We appreciate your prayers and continued interest and support.