(Written by: Carson Slater at the end of 7/31)

The first full day of camp is almost over!

I sit here writing this to you from my bunk during the evening festivities that commence after the evening program is finished. Today has flown by honestly, and I am afraid the next few days will fly by as well.

I cannot emphasize enough that today was a rich day! We began with devotional time in the outdoor tent structure, led by Chris from the Life Point church. We then went to breakfast and began English classes. Today’s curriculum covered present tense, travel vocabulary, and New York City. One of the highlights for our English lesson was that we were able to perform some improv skits featuring funny situations. I was super encouraged by how receptive the students were to the English teaching. They were super thankful for the mid-class tea time break.

The afternoon was filled with many activities. Aidan and Shane (from the Life Point Church) turned Spikeball into a Czech sensation. David and I taught computer programming fundamentals to a group of young men. There were other workshops, featuring first aid, and music lessons. Through this time, I was able to see the student’s faces light up when they were learning something new. It was in this time that those who needed down time were able to find it, and those who were eager to build deeper relationships could.

The evening featured a nice chili dinner! After dinner was evening program, where we did the same activities as the night before. A few icebreakers, some camp dance practice and laughs later, we were able to hear a talk from Fred, of Life Point. We covered the topic of “The Outsider,” and how believing and following Jesus enables you to be welcomed into the family of God, giving a sense of belonging to those who lack it.

I still have to get to know my students better, as a few of them are a bit shy. Please pray for open discussion and wisdom to lead our discussion group. Tomorrow is another full day and we are hoping to see the Spirit of God move in hearts and open them to the good news.

Getting ready for morning worship