Tonight we finished the final stage of our mission trip: English Club.  This was an informal time to meet with students, play games, and enjoy fellowship and conversation.  It is a wonderful way to wrap up the trip, but also hard because we know the end is near.

As I reflect upon our time here, I am grateful that God has allowed us to participate in a small part of His ministry here in the Czech Republic.  We are blessed by our friendships with each of the people we have come in contact with, and although part of me would like to stay here longer, I also recognize that God is calling me back to the ministry and life that I have in Arizona.  Part of my heart will remain here but it is time to return.

As we pivot toward the return home, we are now focusing on more mundane details of travel: consolidating luggage, packing bags, and scheduling drop offs at the train station.  I know that tomorrow will be full of farewells, but perhaps this time will be easier, because by God’s grace, we will return for another English camp in the summer.

Thanks for joining along with us.  We appreciate your prayers and support.