Tonight, I found myself in the middle of a prayer circle with David, Caleb, Leah, Anna, and Noah.  Above us was the dark Czech sky.  The night air was chilly but not cold.  All around us were other members of the camp team – Nevada, Arizona and Czech.  Hands rested upon us as prayers rang out to the Father of Heavenly Lights for Sarah, Levi, Chris, and the entire Sandy family.  The cause: Sarah’s migraine headache had intensified even with her medications.  That signaled the need to go to the hospital.

Before we get wrapped up in concern for Sarah, I want to let you know that at the time that I am writing this, Sarah is preparing for release from the hospital.  The medication that she received appears to have worked and she will be coming back to camp for a good night’s sleep.  Further, Levi had his foot checked as well and it appears only to be bruised. Praise God!

As great as answered prayer is, however, I want to fill in a few more details.  Let’s rewind a bit.

Today was a really big day for the nightly gospel presentations.  Tonight, we explained why Jesus died on the cross and how salvation is offered only through Him.  The message was delivered in testimony form by me.  So, when did Sarah need to go to the hospital?  You probably guessed it – right before the nightly program.  Whether you chalk this up as coincidence, attack of Satan, or a test of God, the timing was certainly … inconvenient.  But this is when God shines His best.

Although our team was separated due to illness, God supplied peace for all of us so that we could focus on the tasks at hand.  The evening program went on without a hitch.  However, after the gospel message, discussion groups and nightly activity, our work wasn’t done – we needed to approach the throne of heaven together.

Tyler, (one of my counterparts from Nevada) initiated gathering people to pray for Sarah.  Next Viet (the camp director) notified the Czech members of our team, and I shot off a message to everyone else.  It wasn’t long before the remaining Sandys were surrounded by people that we serve with, but more than that, people who we have come to love.  As they poured out their hearts to God for us, we also experienced an outpouring of love and comfort from them.  This is the love of Christ in action.  This is the unifying bond of the Spirit.

Today was a victory for God.  What could have served to divide or distract us from our mission, only served to strengthen the team.  Sarah will be back soon, and camp will continue tomorrow.  I can’t help but pray that the difficulty we faced tonight is an indicator of the great fruit we can expect in the coming days.

Thank you for joining along on our adventure.  We appreciate your continued prayers and support.  Until next time, to God be the glory!