The engine of the bus we are in quietly whines as we are gently rocked back and forth by the towering vehicle’s suspension.  An abundance of red upholstered seats have allowed our team to spread out through the double-decked interior.  The extra space is a welcome change to the tight quarters on our airplane flights, and the relative quiet is a stark contrast to the drone of jet engines and the clamor of airport waiting areas.  For many of us, the draw of sleep was inescapable.  Drowsing heads bob peacefully with the rhythm of the bus.  Those that are still awake are engaged in quite conversation to pass the time.

Outside the bus, the Czech landscape silently passes by.  We are obviously not in Arizona any more – the scenery is much too green for that.  Even so, you might easily mistake our surroundings for many places in the United States.  Cultivated fields and gently sloping hills covered with rich vegetation roll by.  The artists pallet of our view consists of vibrant greens, rich golds, and muted tones of lavender and blue.  Apart from the road signs (which are written in Czech), the only hint that betrays our location are the glimpses of houses that are clearly European in design.

Today has been a long day of travel but one that has gone very smoothly.   We are now three plane rides, 9 hours, and almost 6000 miles removed from the homes where we started from.  This bus ride is the last leg of our journey before arriving at the hotel where we will be receiving training.  The team is tired but doing well.  We are weary but excited to be nearing the end of our journey.

Now the gentle rocking of the bus is doing its work on me.  My eyelids grow heavy as I type and the peace of slumber calls to me as well.  I am signing off while I still have the ability to do so.  Thank you for following along on our journey.  We appreciate your prayers and support.