It is now Friday morning at our camp in Malenovice.  From my hotel room balcony window, I see treetops dotting the surrounding followed by more the more distant buildings of the nearby Czech villages. The sun is shining over the valley, and everything is relatively quiet and still, but it won’t be this way for long.  Today marks the beginning of our last full day of camp.  It will be a lot of wrapping up, and it will also be a day of largely unspoken sadness as we prepare for farewells tomorrow.

Yesterday most of us hiked to the top of Lysa Hora, the tallest mountain in the region.  It was a great time to get to know some of the students.  It was also physically demanding for most of us.  As a result, the dancing of the evening program was noticeably less energetic.

Pastor Andrew gave the evening gospel presentation on “Jesus as King”.  He did a great job connecting with the students and his talk led to more lively conversations in the nightly discussion groups.

Today holds our last English and sports classes, our final workshops, and the culminating evening program.  We have done our best in helping advance the gospel in our time here, now our job is to try to get the students connected to the local church as effectively as possible.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please pray for the team as we trust in Jesus to finish strong.