Airline travel is different for different people.  The general process is the same – get to the airport, check-in, go through security, etc.  However, how we deal with it is different.  For some, the long hours in-plane are spent reading, or watching movies.  For others, talking with seatmates is preferred.  Others still, bring video games to pass the time.  With our team, there was some of all of this going on.  I myself, can’t keep my eyes open and end up sleeping most of the trip.

Our journey started with a drive to Sky-Harbor airport at about 7:30am on Tuesday, and finally ended with us stepping through customs at the Vaclav Havel international airport in Prague at about 2:40pm, local time on Wednesday.  There is a lot to be thankful for on our journey:  there were no issues with connecting flights, all of our baggage made it safely, and Sarah, who had serious issues with motion sickness on previous trips, had no issues with nausea.

Once we arrived in Prague, we purchased food from the local supermarket and I demonstrated that I still have a lot to learn about Czech culture.  Although I thought that I had the grocery store experience perfected, I was unable to decipher the produce weighing machine and needed help from the cashier.

After refueling on sandwiches, fruit and the local soda (Kofola), we checked into the hotel without incident and then headed back out to the city to see some sights.

Christmas was in full blossom in the streets of the old city.  Holiday shops and an enormous lit Christmas tree served as indicators that the holiday season had hit Prague full force.  The streets were packed with tourists and shoppers, and there was even a live children’s choir singing Christmas carols nearby.  Notably missing, however, was any indication of Jesus.  Though the choir was wishing a Merry Christmas, nowhere to be seen was a nativity scene.  No baby in the manger could be found.

I am thankful that we get to serve here and share some of the joy and the excitement that we have around Christmas.  The silent night of Bethlehem is more profound than all the excitement of the crowds.  The heavens bursting forth with the brilliant light of multitudes of angels praising God far outshines even the most brightly lit Christmas tree.  And the baby in the manger is more precious than anything that can be found in the Christmas markets.  Jesus is the reason for the promise of joy, hope and peace of the season.

Thanks for following along with us on our journey.  Tomorrow we will spend our day in Prague, getting acclimated to the time zone and meeting with the our partners in ministry in the area.  Please pray that we adjust quickly.  Please also pray for health and healing for the entire extended camp team.