It is now the early hours before dawn.  Yesterday was a full day, but God’s hand was evident throughout.   The facility is quiet now, but the scattered paper cups, empty potato chip bag and drained soda bottles hint at the fact that camp has already begun.  Let me back up and give you a recap of some of the high points.

Yesterday morning we said farewell to hotel Krystal in Prague and found our way to the main train station.  We arrived in time to purchase lunch from the variety of markets within the facility, then we boarded our train.  The four and a half hour trip took us out of the city and through the green and white countryside of the Czech republic.  Once the excitement of the travel wore off, jet lag overtook many of use and we found ourselves catching up on some much needed sleep before we arrived at our destination.

After arrival at Český Těšín, we were met by so many other of our friends in ministry.   The were hugs and introductions but reunion was not what was on most our minds. We were reunited, yes, but with the purpose of putting on a winter camp that would begin in just a short matter of hours.  So, after quickly greeting one another, we boarded personal vehicles and headed off to our destination – Beskydsky Oaza – a Christian owned facility in the far-east of the country.  Once there we unloaded our equipment, found our rooms and began preparing for the arrival of students.

The evening was full of activity.  Dinner with the students, breaking up into English teams, singing, presentation of a message about Jesus, discussion groups, and lots of socializing.  The team is doing a great job engaging with the students and t appears that Camp is off to a good start.

Highlights for me are always spiritual conversations that I get to have with students, and there have been many.  As an added surprise, Petr, a Czech native and one of the interns from Josiah venture this summer, arrived last night.  He will be joining our activities today.  It is encouraging to see how God continues to work through those who serve him faithfully here in the Czech Republic.

That’s all for now.  Soon the students will awake and we will be off and running for a full day of camp.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.  Please continue to pray for health and strength for the team and that the message of God’s love would be demonstrated in everything that we do and say.