— Sorry for those following along that this didn’t post yesterday, I’m not sure why.  I hope you enjoy it today —

Yesterday we completed English camp.  Morning started with our regular devotion and worship time, followed by breakfast and a quick camp meeting.  The likeness of Pastor Andrew Carson (by prerecorded video) shared about Jesus as our Prince of Peace and wished us a Merry Christmas.  English lessons filled up the rest of the time before a quick lunch and farewells.  Parents came, students left, and the retreat center was left in much the same way it started.  Empty rooms with stripped beds and chairs stacked atop tables gave little hint of the excitement of the previous 48 hours.

At this point the team has gone their separate ways – each to home accommodations of different sorts.  Aidan and Andrew have gone on a side mission trip to speak with students at a local school.  The rest of us are taking time to rest and recover.  The last couple of days have been physically demanding and we all are appreciating the change of pace.

This evening we will be doing follow up activities with the local church’s youth group.  At the same time as the writing of this blog, I am also coordinating what American food we will be cooking for the event – I think chili.

Thanks for following along with us through the blog.  Please pray for rest and health for the team, and that we are able to finish the mission strong in the Lord and