Before getting into tonight’s post, I want to apologize for the missing post yesterday.   I wrote it, but forgot to publish it.  I guess that just underscores the point that we were all running on fumes yesterday.

Today our team went different directions.  Aidan and Andrew Mickey went to get some rest before their next camp.  Most of the US team got on a train for Prague, and the five of us that are staying for the second camp settled into the apartment that the Sandy family stayed in, in December.  It is a quite place where we can relax and recover.

Perhaps the biggest adventures of the day were me driving a manual transmission for the second time in over 30 years, and a team shopping excursion to stock up on food for the next three days.

We have much to do to prepare for the next camp, but perhaps the biggest things are recovering physically (Holden and Levi are recovering from a cold, and I may be coming down with it), and prepping activities.  There will probably be other activities as we interact with the friends we have made here, but our time right now is largely unscheduled.

Please pray for safe travels for the team as they head back to the USA, and rest and recovery for the rest of us.

Thank you for joining along in our journey.