We have been home a week and a half now, and I am still putting together my thoughts and feelings that can best describe what the trip meant to me and how it impacted me. When I prepare for a trip like this, I try not to spend much time imagining what it will be like, but rather go with an openness to experience each day as it comes and see what God has in store.

I thoroughly enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. One of the things that I learned about the Czech youth is that they enjoy food. Viet, our camp director, told us before we left Prague that Czech teens would never sleep in and miss breakfast – something that was a bit surprising to Americans. The food was amazing and reminded me of my childhood, growing up in central PA among a large Amish population. We had meat, potatoes, gravy and often dumplings for every meal. I consider myself to be a fast eater – but quickly realized that the Czech teens not only had hardy appetites but could clear a plate while I was still deciding where to begin! The gals were no different than the guys in that respect.

The evening sessions were my favorite each day. I absolutely loved the “camp songs”. When the packed room was filled with everyone singing, dancing and praising God, I felt as though I could be anywhere – including at FBC. All differences melted away – age, gender, nationality – we were one in Christ. To me it was a small foreshadowing of what it will be like in Heaven when all the ages and nationalities of believers will be together praising God.

I am so grateful that God gave us the opportunity to serve Him at the Czech camp. I Cor. 3:5-9 describes God’s servants as some who plant and some who water – but it is God who makes things grow. There were students at camp who openly stated they do not believe in or know God. At least one of those students was asking serious questions before the camp ended. I am praying for the local youth leaders at the Cesky Tesin church, that God will give them wisdom and grace as they follow up with the students. I am also praying that God will continue to use me for His purposes wherever I am.