Tonight I write to you from the home of Marcel and Silvie Boszczyk.  They are two of the wonderful members of the Church in Český Těšín.  Marcel, who I met the first time Family Bible Church sent a mission team to this region of the country, is the vice-chair of the elder board and a trusted friend.  Marcel works in IT, and Silvie (pronounced like the English name Sylvia) is a pharmacist.  I have had the privilege of teaching their both of their children in the English Camps here.

The camp this year has ended and we have transitioned to follow-up activities.  This means that the team is now housed in homes all around the city. Most of us are very tired from the rigors of the camp but we are encouraged by what God has been doing.  Here are a few things that we have seen:

  • Students confessing and repenting of sin.
  • Overwhelming response to option to pray with leaders one-on-one.
  • 70 students at the first follow-up activity – more than any other year before.

Follow-up is an important part of the mission because it is when students are introduced to the local youth group at the church.  Our job is to help students to connect with the local church so they can continue to grow in Christ over the rest of the year.

Please pray for the team as we recover from camp and finish the follow-up activities.  The team is doing well, but the camp has been emotionally, spiritually, and physically challenging.  We trust in God to give us the strength to finish well.