Thank you to everyone who has been praying for the extended mission team.  The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective!  Today i woke with mostly clear lungs and a back that was functional.   I give full credit to God for the healing that he brought so that I can continue to lead and participate in the second leg of our journey.

As I briefly mentioned, the team is back at Malenovice for training for camp number 2.  The training is put on by Josiah Venture and follows exactly the same format as the training that we had two weeks ago.  We have been given permission from Josiah Venture to skip sessions that are redundant.  That means that we are participating in prayer, devotions, and the later part of the day where we will be interacting with leaders from the Czech Church that we are working with.  The FBC team is doing well and in good spirits, ready to get engaged with the second camp.

I am thankful too that with my newly healed lungs and back that I will get to be fully engaged as well.  All praise to God!