Spending over 20 hours in transit and traversing 9 time zones plays tricks on the mind and I have seen most of the team struggling to make sense of the huge difference between what our body clocks say we should be doing though all our senses tell us otherwise.

Yesterday morning we boarded a plane from Phoenix to New York city.  Our connection was only fifty minutes long, but God saw fit to get us to John F. Kennedy airport early so that we had plenty of time before boarding our next plane.  At this point the team was  a little weary from sitting so long, but was generally in good spirits.  Our next leg of the journey took us over the Atlantic, with views of Ireland and Great Britain before we finally crossed the North Sea and landed in Amsterdam.  Some of us were able to get some shut-eye during the 6 hour crossing, but many did not.  By the time we boarded the final plane to Krakow, Poland, most of us were showing signs of fatigue.  The bus ride from Poland to Czechia was especially telling with uncontrollably heavy eyelids for most, followed by tottering heads as people succumbed to the inescapable pull of slumber.

The Bible is clear that the sleep of those who trust in God should be sweet.  This is my prayer for the entire team as we head toward the first full day in the Czech Republic tomorrow.  Thank you for joining us on our journey through the blog.  We appreciate your prayers and concerns, and our God is faithful.

As a final note:  Thank you to all those who prayed for safe travel for the team and our luggage.  Everything arrived safely and our travels were mostly uneventful.  We praise God for his mercies in this.