(Written by Aidan Carson)

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people” Ephesians 6:7 (NIV)

I am so excited to be on this mission trip, and as we are preparing, God has been teaching and reminding me lately to remember who it’s all for. Why do I labor and  strive? Why do I dare share the Gospel with a passion like nothing else I’ve seen in this life? Why did I choose to come on this trip? It’s all for Him! It’s all to build His kingdom and to preach the message of hope to those who may not have heard it. This purpose is so important to keep in mind as I partake in all these preparations and plans because it can often be easy to lose focus if I neglect why I do what I do. God calls us to be diligent in the things we do because we represent Him in everything we do. So I’m working hard preparing for this camp, but as it’s unfolding, I know that what I do is not to make my name great or to look good or organized. Rather it’s because I’m longing to reflect the change that comes from following Jesus!

It’s important not to get so caught up in the work that we forget who it’s all for. It’s also important to not neglect the work God has in store for us in preparation because He wants to use us and grow us for His glory (we share in it!!). The only way these two objectives are mastered is by depending on God. Any and every situation is an opportunity to exercise this, it’s so much bigger than just a one week mission trip! How can you live on mission for Christ where you are today?


Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom for trip logistics
  • Wisdom and diligence in preparing English lessons
  • God prepares students who desire to learn about Him
  • Health for the mission team